X-Bridge Technologies supplies various kinds of electronics for analytical X-ray instrumentation.

Our products are supplied to XRF, XRD, SEM and Detector manufacturers in multiple continents.

Almost all design sources are available for purchase for your own production


1. Digital X-ray Pulse Processors (DPP)

              For SDD, Si-PIN, Si(Li), Proportional Counter and all other X- or Gamma detectors

              Multiple pile-up rejecters for perfect pile-up rejection in wide range of energy

              ROI pulse output with BG and DT corrections

              Pulse height digital output for external MCA

              Accessory analog and digital I/O for controlling HVPS and other modules through the same USB as DPP

              Custom design for OEM available


2. Preamplifiers, temperature controllers and detector housings

              For SDD modules produced by PNDetector GmbH

              For Proportional counters

              We design a preamplifier for other kind of detector upon request.


3. Digital MCA array (to be available in 3Q 2012)

              8GB large memory MCA array acquires 1 million spectra (2k x 32bits, each) at a time